Ola Taste Of Med

OLA Taste of MED is a chain of fast food restaurants located in shopping centers.

The basic concept of the company is Mediterranean cuisine - recognized as one of the best in the world for quality and variety of its products.

Mediterranean cuisine is attractive for all people: fresh vegetables and grains, fish, crispy bread baked on site, fresh pasta and rice in various combinations, all spiced with plenty of flavorful olive oil and sprinkled with a glass of wine.

Ola Taste of MED is characterized by speed of service, clear and understandable offering range / price, high quality, healthy meals with appropriate proposals, organic foods and ingredients.

Following principles are quality, cleanliness, speed and uncompromising in their choice of food.

One of the key marketing programs and philosophies of our company is to introduce modern principles of nutrition and healthy lifestyles in Bulgarian society.

OLA Taste of MED - the food of the modern man.

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