Parking Regulations

Parking Regulations 


(shortly referred to as the " Regulations")

Varna, 2 Academik Andrey Saharov St.


Parking Management company "ORCHID MANAGEMENT - BULGARIA" EOOD

These Regulations shall enter into force on 02.01.2024  and describe the general rules to be observed by all visitors of GRAND MALL VARNA, and in particular by Parking Users, in order to efficiently use the existing parking spaces and free movement zones.
The provisions of these Regulations are supplemented by the applicable laws, including:

- Roads Act

- Road Traffic Act

- ORDINANCE No. 18 of 23.07.2001 on road signaling with traffic signs

The parking lot is private property, and the Users' access thereto is only allowed if they comply with these Regulations and the applicable legislation. The parking lot is categorized and classified as a private road open to public traffic during the entire period that GRAND MALL - VARNA is open to the public.

The Management company  and the owner of GRAND MALL - VARNA have the right to amend the parking rules at its discretion, and each amendment binds the Users of the parking lot from the date of their publication on the website and on social media.
By passing through the car access barriers to the Parking lot, the person wishing to park (User) accepts and undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions of these Parking Regulations and comply with the markings and road signs placed therein.

Art. 1. For the purposes of these Regulations, parking spaces are designated places located on levels -2 (minus 2); -1 (minus 1); 0 (zero); 0,1/2 (zero and ½),  +1 (one); 1 1/2 (one and ½) and 2 (two) in GRAND MALL – VARNA, painted on the road surface.
Art. 2. Every user is obliged to park his vehicle correctly, so that he occupies one parking space and does not obstruct the occupation of the parking spaces in its immediate vicinity. Art. 3. The Management company reserves the right to designate certain areas of the Parking lot where specific rules will apply, based on the decision of the owner of GRAND MALL VARNA.

Art. 4. Access to the Parking is available after passing through the car barriers located at each entry point. After staying for more than 2 (two) astronomical hours the vehicle may leave the parking lot only after the driver pays the relevant parking fee.

Art. 5. The Users' access to the Parking lot does not guarantee the Users a free parking space. The absence of such space does not cancel any obligations of the Users described below.


Art. 6. The Parking lot may be used for parking vehicles within its working hours, as follows:

from 1 October to 31 March:

Monday ─ Sunday, between 08:00 and 21:00

from 01 April to 30 September:
Monday - Sunday, between 08:00 and 22:00

Outside working hours the barriers on the southern entrance will work based on the applicable tariff plan.

Art. 7 The price for using the Parking lot is determined according to the tariff specified herein below.

Art. 8 The applicable tariff includes VAT and is as follows:

• First 2 (two) hours - FREE

• Third hour started - BGN 2 (two) / hour

• Fourth hour started - BGN 2  (two leva) /hour
• Fifth hour started – BGN 3 (three) /hour
• Every subsequent hour started – BGN 3 (three leva)/hour
The user has the right to park free of charge for 2 hours per calendar day. These hours will be counted regardless of the number of times the User's vehicle enters the Parking Lot. After the initial 2-hour stay, the price for using a parking space is determined according to the duration of the stay and the rate specified herein above. The prices are indicated for each started hour and are not divisible.
Any split of the time slot will be charged, taking into account the price for a full hour.

The User must exit the Parking lot within 30 (thirty) minutes after paying the fee. Otherwise, a fee for one additional parking hour will be charged.

Art. 9. Visitors to the cinemas, restaurants and children's entertainment center are allowed additional 2 hours of free stay by reporting the car's registration number to the employee serving them at the relevant commercial outlet.

Art. 10. Users of the Parking lot who have a subscription plan are also obliged to comply with these Regulations.

Art. 11. The fee for using the Parking lot shall be paid as follows:

a) with a debit or credit card at POS terminals installed at the payment machines located at the entrances / exits to the parking levels of GRAND MALL VARNA at the following locations:

Main pedestrian entrance on level -2 (minus two),

Main pedestrian entrance on level -1 (minus one),

Pedestrian entrance parking on level 0 (zero),

Pedestrian entrance on level 0½ (zero and ½), pedestrian entrance on level 1½ (one and ½) and pedestrian entrance on level 2 (two).

b) through a mobile application by scanning a QR code located at the entrances / exits to the parking levels of the "GRAND MALL VARNA" and inside the "GRAND MALL VARNA" Shopping Center.

c) in cash (as an exception) at the "Information" desk on level 0 (zero) of the "GRAND MALL VARNA" Shopping Center only during the shopping center's working hours.



Art. 12. Entering the Parking lot constitutes a tacit consent of the driver to the application of these Regulations for the use of the Parking lot.

Art. 13. The maximum speed for driving within the car park is 10 km/h, and Users must strictly observe any road marking and signs.

Art. 14. The user has to observe the road signs and other rules of the Parking lot, as well as the instructions of the employees of the management company. In any other case, the provisions of the Road Traffic Act shall apply.

Art. 15. Parking of vehicles is permitted only at the designated parking spaces.

Art. 16. It is prohibited to stay or park at locations indicated by means of signs, plates for permanent use, designated for parking vehicles used by disabled people or in front of emergency exits, in front of the mall’s entrances, storage rooms, technical service rooms.

Art. 17. It is prohibited for vehicles equipped with automotive gas systems (AGS) to enter, park and stay on the underground parking levels -2 (minus two) and -1 (minus one). In the event of damages caused to the owner of the Shopping Center and/or to the Management company, and/or to a third party and/or in the event of sanctions imposed by control authorities, as a result of non-compliance with this prohibition, the vehicle’s user shall bear full responsibility.

Art. 18 Parking spaces reserved for disabled people may only be used by vehicles presenting a valid card issued by the competent authorities containing the international symbol. Disabled people who hold such a card, have the right to park at the designated parking spaces and are required to place the card at a visible place on the windshield. Any use of false cards to obtain these benefits will be reported to the police.

Art. 19. Vehicles carrying out supply and/or deliveries can use and park at the specialized loading ramps located on level -1 (minus one) at the North Entrance and on level -2 (minus two) at the South Entrance.

  Art. 20. The access of delivery vehicles on a route other than that determined by the Management Company is prohibited.

Art. 21. The Management Company reserves the right to prohibit access to certain vehicles in the Parking Lot at its discretion, such as, but not limited to, trucks with functionality unsuitable for use in the Parking Lot.

Art. 22. Access by animal-drawn vehicles or trailers with 4 or more axles is prohibited.

Art. 23. Any noisy activities at the Parking lot are prohibited, except with the prior written approval of the Management company.

Art. 24 Users, customers and visitors undertake and accept the following:
a) Not to use the Parking lot for dangerous, illegal, unethical activities or for begging;

b) Not to use the Parking lot for the purpose of repairing motor vehicles, car maintenance, or other similar activities;

c) Not to organize any political or public meetings, strikes, performances, or commercial activities at the Parking lot;
d) Not to organize camping or picnics in the Parking Lot, sports or other activities in the area; e) Not to distribute advertising or other materials without the written permission of the Management company;

f) Not to do anything that may violate public order, cause damage or inconvenience, both to the Parking lot and to its users;

g) Not to leave animals or dangerous substances unattended in the vehicles;

h) Not to leave minors unattended in the Parking lot or in the parked vehicles;

i) Not to conduct professional photo shoots, without the written consent of the Management company;

j) Not to use horns;

k) Not to park the vehicle with the engine running;

l) Not to pollute with flammable, dangerous or organic substances;

m) Not to initiate or participate in competitions in the Parking Lot, without the consent of the Management company;

n) Not to leave their personal belongings unattended; The Management company and the Owner of GRAND MALL - VARNA do not take responsibility for their disappearance;
o) To keep the Parking lot clean and dispose of any garbage at the designated places;

p) Not to perform maneuvers that may be dangerous for other participants;

q) Not to test their cars in the Parking lot;

r) Not to damage the Parking lot or its elements;

s) To park at the designated places without affecting the right of other users to park;

Art. 25. The Management company will provide visitors with civilized parking conditions, i.e. cleaning and proper lighting. The video cameras installed in the Parking lot are intended exclusively for monitoring traffic. The video recordings will not be available to the public, but will be made available to the authorities upon request.
Art. 26. The Management company will implement these Regulations and will apply the relevant tariffs set out herein.

Art. 27 Users must fully comply with the operating rules of the Parking Lot. If they violate any of the provisions of these rules, the relevant User shall pay the imposed penalty.
Art. 28 Users cannot enter the Parking lot without being registered in the database of the parking system, taking into account that exit is only allowed after paying a parking fee if the vehicle has stayed at the parking lot beyond the two free hours.
Art. 29. All damages caused both to own vehicles and to other vehicles or equipment by the Users while driving or parking at the Parking lot, will be covered by the guilty persons, releasing the Management company and the Owner of the Mall from any liability.
Art. 30 After parking his car, the User is responsible for any belongings left in the vehicle and has to secure them by closing the doors, engine cover and trunk, windows, sunroof, tank cap, etc., since the Management company and the Owner are not responsible for their security in any way.
Art. 31 Users are advised not to leave valuables in the vehicles, since the Management company and the Owner are not responsible for their disappearance.
Art. 32 Users must comply with the rules for fire safety, as well as the instructions of the Management company, the security company or the firemen, and the Users are directly responsible for any damage caused by them in case of non-compliance with the above-mentioned rules.
Art. 33. The user and his/ her companions need to keep the parking area clean and shall not store any materials in the Parking lot. Waste should be disposed of in dustbins.

Art. 34. The following constitute violation with these Regulations and is punishable by a fine of 25 (twenty-five) BGN, excluding VAT, and non-admission to the Parking Lot for a period of up to 1 (one) year:

a. If the User owes a parking fee and leaves the Parking Lot with the Vehicle without paying it, even in case of a first violation, the Vehicle will not be allowed to the Parking Lot for a period of up to 1 (one) year.

For each subsequent violation, the management company will not allow vehicles to the Parking lot for a period of up to 1 (one) year.
b. improper parking, including stopping the vehicle in places other than those that are designated and marked for such purpose, or occupying more parking spaces, parking in front of escape routes, mall’s entrances or improper parking at places intended for disabled people;
c. exhibiting the car for sale at the Parking lot, without the prior approval of the Management company.

Art. 35. Repeated speeding in the Parking lot will be punished by restricting the access of the relevant vehicle to the Parking lot for a period of up to 1 (one) year.
Art. 36. Violations are established on the basis of these Parking Regulations and with due observance of the legislation in force regarding traffic on public roads, by security officers or other employees of GRAND MALL - VARNA regarding compliance with the provisions of these Parking Regulations, and by the competent state authorities regarding compliance with the provisions of the applicable law.

Art. 37. The stay and parking of vehicles at the Parking lot for a period exceeding 24 consecutive hours will be charged according to the tariff specified in art. 8.

Art. 38. If a fine is imposed, the User has to pay it at the Information Desk, only during the working hours of the Shopping Center.


Art. 39. At the discretion of the Management company, vehicles blocking or obstructing traffic, vehicles parked at parking places other than those specified in Art. 15, as well as those who occupy parking spaces for disabled persons without having a card under Art. 18, will be blocked with technical means (wheel clamp) and/or detained, transported and stored. The user of the vehicle expressly accepts the locking of wheels, the detention, transportation and storage of the vehicle at certain locations by an operator authorized/ licensed to provide such services, through a contract concluded by the manager of GRAND MALL - VARNA in all cases specified in this art. 39; The user of the vehicle will pay in full all detention, transport and storage costs charged by the external service provider. The Management company and the Owner of the Mall are not responsible for damages that may occur as a result of locking and/or detention, transportation and/or storage of the vehicle.
Art. 40. One of the front wheels of the car will be blocked with special devices until the user pays the relevant fine.

Art. 41. Before locking the wheels and impounding the vehicles, they will be photographed to prove the User's violation of these Regulations. Also, a photo will be taken that clearly shows the locked wheel. A notice will be left on the windshield of locked vehicles containing information about the violation under these Regulations and the steps the User must take for unlocking the vehicle.
Art. 42. The wheels will be released after sanctioning the driver in accordance with these Regulations.


Art. 43. Parking a car (or other type of motor vehicle) in the parking lot of the GRAND MALL VARNA shopping center, both for free stay and for paid stay (including subscription payment), does not constitute a transfer of the possession over the motor vehicle from its user to the Management Company/Owner of the parking lot. The Management Company/Owner of the parking lot does not assume any obligation and is not responsible to accept, keep and guard or to take care for and service or to restore the functioning of the motor vehicles parked in the parking lot of the shopping center. Parking a motor vehicle in the parking lot does not constitute a handover for safekeeping, nor any other type of entrustment of the motor vehicle by its driver to the Management Company/Owner of the parking lot. The management company/Owner of the parking lot is not responsible for damages/shortages or for illegal seizure of vehicles parked in the parking lot.

The guards and security officers of the GRAND MALL VARNA shopping center have no obligation to guard and protect the cars parked in the Parking lot and do not perform such activity/service.

Art. 44. The Management Company and the Owner of GRAND MALL VARNA do not assume any civil (including property) or criminal liability for any damages, shortages, thefts, accidents, fires and/or other events and illegal acts committed/caused by third parties to the vehicles in the Parking lot and/or of the items left therein.

In view of the above, the Management Company and the Owner of the Parking Lot are not responsible to the User after the car leaves the Parking Lot.
Art. 45. Personal data
The Management company, which performs video surveillance of the Parking lot, namely "Orchid Management - Bulgaria" EOOD with UIC 131343915, having its seat and registered address at: Varna, 2 "Andrey Saharov" St., Grand Mall, 2nd floor, administrative office, is a data controller registered with the Commission for Personal Data Protection, and its activity is aligned with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons in connection with the processing of personal data. The company policies, procedures and rules of " Orchid Management - Bulgaria" EOOD relating to data protection are published on its website Questions and requests related to data protection can be addressed to the company's address indicated above, or via e-mail at: Contact phone: + 359 52 953 301.

The video surveillance of the Parking lot is carried out in order to guarantee the safety and security of the cars and the persons staying on the territory of the Parking lot, as well as for the purpose of controlling the proper passage, movement and parking of the cars and the compliance of the shopping center’s visitors with these Regulations.

In view of the established entry and exit mode, a special type of video surveillance is provided in relation to the Parking lot, which provides filming only of the lower part of the motor vehicle, sufficient to identify only its registration plates.

Visitors of the shopping center are notified of the use of technical means for video surveillance and control of the Parking Lot, without specifying their location, through information signs placed at a prominent place.

By passing through the car barriers and entering the Parking lot, the User gives his express consent to the Management company to process the registration plate of the motor vehicle he drives.

The data collected by such video surveillance will be stored by the Management company for a period of 15 (fifteen) calendar days. The data controller has taken the necessary physical, organizational and technical measures to protect the processed data from accidental or illegal destruction, accidental loss, illegal access, modification and distribution, as well as any other illegal forms of processing. The room where data obtained from video surveillance is stored and processed, is a restricted access area and access to outsiders is prohibited. After achieving the purposes for which they were collected and processed, the video surveillance data will be physically destroyed by deletion.

Every natural person has the right of access to the personal data relating to him, as well as the right to request that the latter be deleted, corrected or processed in a limited way, and any such requests shall be directed to the Management company  at the contact data specified above.


Art. 46. The owner reserves the right to change these Regulations for use of the Parking Lot at any time without notice.

Art. 47. Any vehicle parked for more than 5 consecutive calendar days will be considered abandoned.

Art. 48. The provisions of these Regulations shall also apply to supply or delivery vehicles, as well as to taxis.

Art. 49. These Regulations for the use of the Parking Lot and copies thereof will be placed at visible locations on the territory of the Parking Lot.