"Badoo" is an innovative and rapidly expanding company,that covers over 20 years of dynamic growth in the Greek market and represents with success an established brand in the field of feminine fashion.
Company's enterprising activity in the world of clothing began in 1989, it is based in Thessaloniki and it is a continuity of a fatherly enterprise that was founded in 1975.

"Badoo" collections are allocated in Greece and abroad. The entire network of stores is selected with strict criteria in order to maintain the company's image and reputation.

The company's philosophy is based on the satisfaction of the needs and requirements of modern and dynamic women. Its creations are always stylish and modern as they put emphasis on women's femininity and charm. The design perspective, the proposals' completeness, the excellent raw materials as well as the strict control at all production stages are the company's key position and describe all collections.
Quality is the core principle that has enabled "Badoo" to excel.

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