Cafe Cafe

The “Café Café” chain was set in the now distant year 2006 in Sofia.

Today, “Café Café” has branches in the two biggest Bulgarian cities – the capital Sofia and Varna, and plans to develop further through franchising.

The “Café Café” facilities have set as their goal to serve as “quiet islands” to which one can escape from the city hustle and daily stress. To reach this goal in the best possible manner, “Café Café” stakes on the high standard of service, making also a point of careful selection of quality food and drinks. Added to this are the incredibly friendly atmosphere and pleasant music.

The “Café Café” personnel make an effort to guarantee a full rapport with each client according to his/her requirements with the final result being a unique entertainment of astonishing taste.

What lies behind the “Better Together” idea of “Café Café”?

Everything we do will be better if we do it together.  “Café Café” is a force behind the spirit of friendly social events and meetings. “Café Café” believes that all we are looking for are the human contacts, and it has set itself the goal to encourage and promote these contacts.

That is why, every time when people want to be together, “Café Café” provides the ideal atmosphere and experience in the form of “Better Together”.

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