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Baldessarini & Daniel Hechter

Men's Fashion

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Baldessarini is a German fashion brand of luxury menswear and accessories which mark the highest class. It was established in 1993 after the world famous brand Hugo Boss was transformed in two fashion lines: a youth brand Hugo and the luxury one, Baldessarini, which is the brand for true lovers of luxury and opulence who would never make a compromise with their appearance. Baldessarini is a line suitable for men with a strong sense of style, for sophisticated and refined gentlemen who always look for the best. Baldessarini separates the real man from the boy.

Daniel Hechter  was launched in 1962 - first on the catwalk and then in the shops in Paris. In 1998, the designer sold the brand carrying his name to a German company /Miltenberg Otto Aulbach GmbH/. It has been developing the brand to this day while preserving its typical French chic and unique individuality. Daniel Hechter has turned into a standard of uncompromising quality and refined taste combined with the current fashion trends.